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Baap Beti Main Competition?? 😨 #travelvlog

Baap Beti Main Competition?? 😨

My Main Channel : Manasi Mau

Instagram :


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about Manasi Mau :

1. What’s my age : 25

2. What’s my height : 5’4

3. Vlogging Camera : Canon g7X

4. Editing software : Adobe premiere Pro cc 2022

5. My education : Software engineer (Computer science)

6. What is the significance of “MAU” in my channel name :
Mau is not my surname it’s my nickname!

7. laptop model : MacBook pro M1 pro 14 inch

INSTAGRAM : manasi_mau1


Everything on this channel is created by the owner of this channel Manasi Ghosalkar, using any of the content without my permission is not granted.
I give no guarantee of any product shown in this video working out for you, what works for me or I like might not suit you. Patch test of everything is a must…(read more)

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