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Don’t visit Hong Kong without these tips! | 🇭🇰

If you’re traveling to Hong Kong, here are our most useful tips we used daily! Hong Kong has fully reopened + lifted mask mandates! 🥳

• HK is one of the most convenient cities to get around; your Octopus metro card allows you to pay for not just access to the trains, but the ferry, trams, cabs + even at some stores + restaurants!
• you should have cash on hand; you’ll need it for taxis + for many vendor stalls or small local restaurants.
➢ if you want to cross from the Kowloon side to the island side; look for speciality cross harbor taxis that will take you across.
• you can use @uber to schedule or call Ubers or HK cabs.
• Google Lens will be helpful in deciphering signs + menus, as well as communicating what you want to say. It’s helpful to have useful sayings pulled up to use at any time; like where is the bathroom in both Cantonese + Mandarin— though some spots also speak English as well!
• download @whatsapp — this be helpful in booking reservations + calls in Hong Kong.
• you can find addresses written in Chinese to show your cab driver on Open Rice and on Google Maps, which actually can say the address in Chinese with a speaker button next to the address! (so useful)!
• marry a Jeromy so they can do everything for you 🤣

did we miss any tips?

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