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MALDIVES TRAVEL VLOG 🏝️ Snorkeling, Diving, & Exploring Maldives with my Subscribers! 🀩

Visited the Maldives with my subscribers; we were at a local island called Dharavandhu in Hanifaru Bay in the Maldives and here’s a travel vlog from my trip there. I hosted a group trip to the Maldives where some of my subscribers joined me. We had the most amazing few days there snorkeling, scuba diving, seeing sharks and sting rays swim at the beach, visiting a beautiful sandbank, swimming with turtles, seeing the most beautiful sunsets, and even some bioluminescence. This was my first time exploring a local island in the Maldives and it was quite a contrasting yet amazing experience compared to staying on a resort island.

In case you’re wondering, the cost of this trip was Rs. 69,000 (including domestic flights but excluding intentional flights), so visiting a local island in the Maldives is way more budget-friendly and affordable compared to resort islands.

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Time stamps:
00:00 Welcome to the Maldives
0:33 Where I am in the Maldives
1:00 Traveling from India to Maldives
1:40 Day 1 in the Maldives
3:05 Meet the group
3:52 Our boat in Maldives
4:30 Sandbank
5:30 Snorkeling in the Maldives (saw turtles)
7:20 Evenings in Dharavandhoo
8:21 Sunset
8:38 Sharks and sting rays at the beach
9:04 Dinner
9:59 Day 2 in the Maldives
10:45 Getting ready to go scuba diving
12:21 Scuba diving in Maldives
14:23 Chilling on our island
15:15 Day 3 in the Maldives
16:16 Hotel tour in Maldives
16:50 Snorkeling
18:51 Visiting a farm island
21:02 Cycling around Dharavandhoo Island
22:38 Seeing bioluminescence
22:50 Sunrise in Maldives
23:56 The smallest airport I’ve been to
24:58 Goodbye Maldives!



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Video about: MALDIVES TRAVEL VLOG 🏝️ Snorkeling, Diving, & Exploring Maldives with my Subscribers! 🀩

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