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Saudi Arabia Tourism Top Ten Travel Tips المملكة العربية السعودية للسياحة

Saudi Arabia Tourism Top Ten Travel Tips. المملكة العربية السعودية للسياحة

Tizzz and Stephanie are one of the first few tourists to travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the new Saudi tourist e-visa. We discovered how easy it is to visit as a tourist and are pleasantly surprised by how welcoming and hospitable this once hidden kingdom is to new visitors. We did not visit with any type of political agenda; we are simply curious “cinema nomads” traveling with a new project and wishing to discover the people and culture of a region that until recently was closed off to non-pilgrims. We had the opportunity to meet with Saudi filmmakers and were able to interact with multitude of local characters. Here are a few tips we think might be useful to tourists considering travel to Saudi Arabia. Look out for our Saudi Arabia Tourism Vlog Series, where we will delve more in-depth about our travels in Saudi, coming soon on the CinemaNomad channel.

We are filmmakers traveling to over 33 countries around the world to meet with other filmmakers who are all approximately 33 years-old. For more information about The “33 and Me” Film Project, check out our sizzle reel and subscribe to CinemaNomad to follow our journey around the globe:

33 and Me:

Saudi e-visa:

19 Laws and Etiquette for decency while traveling as a tourist in Saudi Arabia:

Thanks to Harry Musselwhite for composing some of the music found in this video:

Additional music by David O’Brien and Jody Jenkins.

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