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Staying a night at the Spirited Away Sekizenkan onsen πŸ‰ | Gunma & Nagano trip | VLOG

Still can’t believe I got to spend a night at the Spirited Away Sekinenkan onsen in Gunma!
From the red bridge to the wooden building, the place looked straight out of a ghibli movie!
Dating back to the Genroku era (1691) Sekinenkan is said to be the oldest ryokan in Japan.

Hidden deep in the mountains of Nakanojo machi, the ryokan is in quite a remote area but as you approach the inn you can see traditional structures and shops reminiscent of old-time Japan.

When you arrive at Sekizenka Ryokan, you will be greeted by the famous red Keiun bridge and the main building, which served as one of the models for the bath house in the Hayao Miyazaki film, Spirited Away. The place is even more magical by night as the lights come on to welcome all the guests! πŸ‰

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