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The BEST travel tips for efficient suitcase packing ✈️

Travel Packing & Organization Series: Day 3 ✈️. HOW TO EFFECTIVELY PACK A SUITCASE (plus some amazing travel tips and hacks!)✨
Here are a few of my favorite packing tips to save you space in your suitcase: 😍
1.     When packing your packing cubes, make sure you are making the clothing the SAME width as the packing cube to maximize space and NEVER have wasted room with different size items. Using packing cubes is the best way to maximize space and keep clothing clean! I love these compression ones because they then become small and compact so I can fit more! 🧳I keep my packing cubes all one side of my suitcase because the squares fit perfectly next to each other and no room is left. 🚫

2.     Don’t let your shoes be wasted space!👟 Putting your socks inside your sneakers or around them is a great way to fill up unused space. This is also a great tip for keeping your heels in good shape and not smushing them! 👠

3.     When packing purses, remove the stuffing that you usually keep to hold its shape and add items like swimsuit bottoms, foldable beach bags, other purses, accessories or anything that will fit. Using the maximum space and keeping the bags shape for safe keeping! 👛
I use the other side of my suitcase for usual shaped items like shoes, purses and other items so that I can jenga these items around each other! 🧱
This is how I effectively pack my suitcase with no wasted space, for an stress-free vacation (or at least an stress-free suitcase!). 🏝️ (suitcase link
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