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Travel Mistakes👇#shorts #youtubeshorts #travel #trending #travelhacks

Travel Mistakes 👇🏻

These are 5 of the biggest (solo) travel mistakes I have ever made. Learn from my mistakes and don’t get yourself in these types of situations! 😅

1️⃣ Having no cash 💷
I travel a lot around Southern and Eastern Europe and almost everywhere you can pay by card. But, the few times I couldn’t it became a massive problem. One time I had to pay a french taxi driver in cash because his card machine was broken and despite me being already late for my flight we still had to find a atm somewhere in Lyon… Nightmare

2️⃣ Not having enough food or water
Absolutely horror… When I just started traveling I forgot my water bottle on numerous occasions, one time with 37C in Serbia… Don’t do this, always bring enough water and food!

3️⃣ Airport – Center connection
Always research how to get to the center from the airport and to the airport from the center. The amount of times I was just stranded because the bus times on the sign didn’t match up or because there was just something I didn’t which made me miss the bus…
*Also check whether you can trust the taxis in a country

4️⃣ Packing to heavily
There are very few things on this earth worse than having to walk with a 30kg backpack. Pack light! All of those shoes you think you’re gonna wear or all of those fancy travel gadgets you think you’re gonna need… Leave them home!

5️⃣ Planning too far ahead
If you’re a solo traveler like me you’re most likely gonna be searching for adventure. Most true adventures I have been on were spontaneous. If you have planned all of your trains, flights, tours you’re most likely gonna experience the stress of trying to make all of them on time and you’re not gonna be able to go on spontaneous adventures. Find the right balance! #travel #youtubeshorts #traveltips #travelhacks #trending #shorts..(read more)

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