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माल्टा मध्ये खाल्ले समोसे Marathi Youtubers in Europe Marathi Travel Vlog Mother, Son & Indian Food

Marathi Youtubers Mother & son travelling in Europe to Malta and Having Indian food Samosa. Surprisingly on our first day we met a Marathi speaking waiter in an Indian restaurant while we were hungry and my mother was on a hunt of Indian food.
00:00 Our Hotel in Malta
00:14 Hotel lobby
00:28 Piano in hotel lobby
00:40 Italian cafeteria
01:03 Narrow pavements of Malta
01:14 Narrow streets of Malta
01:32 Mother worried of the climbs
02:03 Restaurants in Malta
02:15 Italian Menu
02:26 Beautiful restaurant in Malta
02:48 Nightwalk in Malta
03:05 Supermarket
03:16 Fresh fish for sale
03:35 Maltese pastry
03:54 Self service orange juice machine
04:05 Marathi speaking waiter
04:37 Kingfisher beer
05:16 Indian restaurant
06:24 Indian food menu
06:40 Indian Naan prices
06:51 Panjabi samosa
07:04 Indian chutney
07:15 Eating hot samosa
08:10 Mutton samosa
08:22 Night view of Malta streets
08:34 Resting in Hotel lobby
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