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Terrifying turbulence videos shared by plane passengers

Buckle up, because you’re in for a bumpy ride. 

TikTokers have been sharing clips from their scariest plane journeys, with turbulence causing a wave of chaos among passengers.

Some of the roughest flight videos see food and beverages fly about the aircraft, with aisleways and footwells strewn with debris.  

Monica Raygada filmed such a scene during a flight from Austin, Texas, to Frankfurt, Germany, with Lufthansa and she said she ‘almost died’ due to a run of violent air currents. 

LEFT: Monica Raygada said she feared for her life on a flight from Texas to Germany. RIGHT: @darkhorsetok uploaded a video from the same flight, with debris everywhere 

LEFT: A TikTok uploaded by @iamamlik captures people screaming with one passenger yelling out ‘we’re going down!’ RIGHT: Peter Yan’s turbulent experience in Emirates’ first class

This clip shared by @skytleea shows people holding on to the seats in front of them as they experience severe turbulence

As she reveals the trail of destruction left by the turbulence with meal trays and pieces of crockery tossed around, a male passenger can be heard saying: ‘I thought they were losing control of the airplane.’ 

In response, a female flyer says: ‘I think we were falling for a little bit.’ 

In an overlaid caption, Monica explains the chain of events: ‘We were all having dinner 1.5 hours into the flight and then we suddenly dropped. 

‘It felt like we were in zero gravity for some time because I saw everything flying in slow motion.

‘After the initial drop where everything flew and everyone was screaming, everything came to the ground and it seemed like we just kept falling. 

‘That’s when everyone became dead silent. That’s when we all thought this was it.’ 

Monica revealed that she frantically started searching for her phone which had fallen to the floor during the bumpy ride, as she wanted to text her family ‘goodbye.’

After 15 minutes or so, she said the crew were finally able to get up and check on anyone injured. 

They were then told the plane would be landing in Washington DC. According to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, seven people were injured during the flight.

A clip uploaded by @traveltmz showcases another severe case of turbulence with a drinks trolley tipped over and debris all over the floor

LEFT: @westcoast_aviation uploaded a video showing turbulence on a Frontier flight and the captain can be heard trying to reassure passengers. RIGHT: @livemoretv said his flight from Las Vegas to Columbus was the ‘scariest’ with gusts of wind over 50mph

She concluded: ‘Thank God most of us had our seatbelts on because this could have ended way worse.’ 

TikToker @darkhorsetok uploaded a video from the same flight, with the contents of a red wine bottle spilled all over floor along with a spread of other things, from pillows to napkins. 

In another TikTok, Melbourne-based photographer Peter Yan reveals how he was hit by a bout of turbulence while flying first class with Emirates. 

In the caption he merely explains: ‘It was terrifying.’

The footage shows his private cabin violently shaking, with his glass of white wine sloshing precariously around. 

Peter said in the comment section that the downside of experiencing turbulence in first class was that he was alone and not with other people for comfort. 

A clip uploaded by @traveltmz showcases another severe case of turbulence with a drinks trolley tipped over and debris all over the floor. 

The footage was filmed on a Delta flight from Santa Ana, California, to Seattle, Washington, but because of the turbulence it was forced to divert to Reno, Nevada. 

LEFT: @nat_chlr’s TikTok video is very blurry as the turbulence makes it impossible to film with a steady hand. RIGHT: An equally chaotic plane scene was shared by @jsteelo04, with an air stewardess flying through the air

Creator @jazzy63087 said she started recording a video to show her son that she was in a cloud. However, ‘then the turbulence started’ and she said she’d ‘never been more scared’

Many commenters took a comical stance after seeing the lopsided trolley, with @kirans007 quipping ‘was this on Spirit airlines?’, while @capnobviously wrote ‘free drinks for everyone.’

Taking panic levels up a notch or two, a chaotic plane scene shared by @jsteelo04, shows an air stewardess flying through the air along with a load of goods from an overhead bin as the plane jolts.

Meanwhile, a TikTok uploaded by @iamamlik captures people screaming with one passenger yelling out ‘we’re going down!’ as the aircraft nosedives. 

Commenting on the clip, @Borchy_j wrote: ‘Even the slightest turbulence on a plane fills me with panic… I’m sure if this happened to me I’d have a heart attack.’ 

But @bbyziza7 bucked the trend, writing: ‘Am I the only one that actually likes turbulence? 

‘Plane rides can be so boring, a little turbulence here ‘n’ there makes it so exciting.’ 

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