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10 Bad Luggage Features That’ll Drive You Crazy While Traveling (Do NOT buy these bags)

✈️ Learn 10 luggage features to avoid before you buy a new carry-on suitcase for airline travel. #traveltips #travelbag #carryononly

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Luggage links you saw:
Blue carry-on luggage with pocket:
Green textured suitcase:
Silk blouse:
Pink textured suitcase:
Gray backpack 15.7 version:
Striped backpack 15.7:

Travel outfit:
Pink t-shirt:
Coral hoodie: (large is size 10)
Multi-colored necklace:
Straw crossbody bag:
*New* sneaker that is so supportive:

Purple suitcase: Monos Special Edition
Silver carry-on suitcase:
Black tote bag:
Purple purse:
Star sneakers:
Similar star sneakers:

**Wheel protectors:

Under airplane seat luggage:
2 wheeled 22″ luggage:
Wheel covers:
Weigh luggage scale:

Bracelet stack:
Luggage rack (the best):

Budget-Friendly Carry-on Bags:
**Free Packing List:
Amazon page:

00:00 Luggage Features to Avoid
00:34 Avoid wobbly handles
2:08 Test wheel features
2:30 Test quality of wheels
3:04 Avoid single wheels
4:45 Suitcase weight
5:31 Fabric in luggage
6:17 Avoid bag with little space
7:07 Wheels that are protected
8:24 Zipper quality
9:25 Suitcase handles
11:10 Bonus tips

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