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10 foods you need to eat when visiting Swedish Lapland

Nordic cuisine is currently having a moment in the global spotlight, but in the north of Sweden – far from the Michelin stars and molecular gastronomy of Stockholm and Gothenburg – sustainability and seasonality have been a part of the food scene since before it was on-trend.

Deeply rooted in nature and tradition, Swedish Lapland is a particularly satisfying destination for travelers who are hungry for something different. Here’s what to try.

Coffee cheese

Kaffeost (coffee cheese) — Photo courtesy of Pernilla Ahlsén/

Though coffee and cheese don’t sound like the most appetizing pairing, the combo is actually very tasty. First, the “kokkaffe” (boiled coffee) is prepared, where coarsely ground coffee is boiled over an open fire. Then, the coffee gets poured into birch wood cups called “kosa,” and several cubes of mild, spongy cheese are added.

The cheese, which is made from reindeer or cow milk, doesn’t flavor the coffee, but the coffee infuses the cheese, imparting it with a gentle, roasted flavor and a squishy texture. (This is one of those dishes you just have to try.)


Cured reindeer fillet — Photo courtesy of Jakob Fridholm/

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