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10 Little Known Travel Hacks for Flying Carry-on Only (Secret Packing Tips)

10 Little Known Travel Hacks for Flying Carry-on Only (Secret Packing Tips)

You can’t beat the feeling of skipping baggage claim at the end of a long flight. Have you ever pondered how you would fit all the things you need in such a small space in your closet and carry-on bag? Well, it is not necessary to have fewer things or a bigger bag.

A carry-on only trip can save you a lot of money, time, and stress if you’re traveling domestically, abroad, or for an extended weekend on a budget. You don’t have to drag a huge suitcase behind you after your flight when you travel light, so you can leave the airport right away.

If you can’t envision traveling with just a carry-on for a week or even a weekend, these packing tips may encourage you to reconsider. So here are the 10 Little Known Travel Hacks for Flying Carry-on Only.

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