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10 Travel Hacking Tips for Beginners

Do you love travel? Are you leaving free travel on the table? If you’re not taking advantage of new credit card signup bonuses, then you are not making the most of the benefits of travel hacking.

In this video, we’re sharing the best tips for beginners to take their travel hacking game up a notch.

If you have a US Social Security Number and a good credit score, tune in!

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About us…we are Tim and Amy and we retired early (in our 40s) after reducing our expenses by $6,500 a month. Most surprising isn’t what we’re missing…it’s how wonderful and rich our life is with our lower spending. We like to share what we’re doing and learning here on our channel.

Please check out our other videos. They cover house sitting, award travel/travel hacking, and our early retirement/FIRE (financially independent, retired early). And, of course, travel! Lots of our videos show the fun stuff we do on a budget around the world.

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00:00 Introduction
00:13 Only travel hack if you pay your bills in full
02:29 Signup bonuses are the best way to earn points and miles
07:16 Set a threshold a new card must meet
09:54 Travel hacking as a couple
12:53 Applying for business credit cards
14:46 Have a strategy
18:51 Will travel hacking hurt my credit score?
22:25 Don’t shy away from card with annual fees
25:06 Travel hacking as nomads
29:18 Sign up for a new card right away
30:24 A travel hacking win..(read more)

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