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11 Secrets Flight Attendants Will Never Tell You

It’s hard to surprise an experienced traveler, but there are still some things you’ve probably never thought of. Did you know that anyone can open a locked lavatory door from outside while you’re inside?! Sound uncomfortable, right? Here’re several secrets that are only known to employees and the most curious passengers.

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Hooks on the wings 0:57

An ax in the cockpit 1:25

The black triangle 1:51

An auxiliary power unit 2:20

Air Marshal Service 2:47

Crew rest compartments 3:09

Handles by the emergency doors 3:30

Air conditioning system 3:47

A Cooper vane 4:15

A hole in the windows 4:45

Unlock the lavatory door 5:12

– In most planes, to use an emergency exit slide, passengers have to step onto a smooth and slippery wing. To make this easier, a special hook was designed.
– According to many countries’ laws (such as the USA), an ax is a piece of emergency equipment and must be stored in the cockpit.
– You probably noticed those small black triangles on board some airplanes. As an Airbus A320 captain says, they mark the places where the wings can be best seen from.
– When boarding the plane, we always hear a noise even though the engines aren’t working yet. It is caused by an APU that provides power for the systems while the engines are out.
– Air Marshals fly incognito and can quiet down a troublemaker or even disarm a terrorist.
– Some airplanes have small hidden rooms for the cabin crew where they can relax during lengthy flights.
– Handles by the emergency doors are made first and foremost for the flight attendants to hold in case of panic on board, so they aren’t pushed off the plane by passengers rushing to the exits.
– Have you ever wondered where the air we breathe on board comes from? It’s being bled from a compressor stage of each engine turbine.
– Airplane windows have three pieces of glass: the outer one keeps the pressure at bay, the inner one deals with damage from inside, and the middle one, in which the hole is made, regulates the airflow.
– If your child accidentally locks themselves in the airplane bathroom, to unlock the door from the outside, lift the “LAVATORY” sign and slide the knob into the unlocked position.

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