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23 Packing Hacks Of EXPERT Travellers You Need To Know

After years of travelling, I have found the BEST packing hacks (what to pack & how to pack it) that ALL classy women need to use. Use these hacks to pack both carry-on cases and your check in luggage. Live a more fabulous future by taking part in my FREE workshop:

In this packing hack guide, I’ll share everything from what type of suitcase you should buy, how to pack hats and bags without denting them, which clothing fabrics you should focus on taking away with you (so you never have to deal with creases again), how to maximise space in your suitcase and much more! With my packing hacks, you’ll never have a nightmare packing experience again.

Find my packing list here:

My suitcases:
Hat Clip:
Travel Box For Hats:
Travel Shoe Bags:
Laundry Travel Bag:
Toiletry Bags:

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00:00 #1 Always Start Packing In Advance
00:23 #2 Define What Luggage You Need
01:31 #3 How To Choose The Right Luggage For You
02:08 #4 The Pros & Cons Of Travelling Carry-On Only
02:48 #5 Fabric To Pack For Carry-On Only Travel
03:14 #6 Clothes Colours You Need To Pack For Carry-On Only Travel
04:13 #7 Why You Should Travel With Carry-On Even With Checked Luggage
04:36 #8 You Need To Pack Emergency Clothing
04:48 Sign Up To My FREE Workshop!
05:21 #9 How To Create A Packing List
06:43 #10 Why You Should Create A Trip Itinerary To Help Pack
07:39 #11 What You Should Pack In A Rush
07:56 #12 Be Smart With Your Shoe Choices
08:37 #13 Wear Your Bulkiest Shoes On The Flight
08:48 #14 Which Handbags Should You Pack?
09:22 #15 Why You Shouldn’t Travel With Full Sized Toiletries
09:38 #16 The Toiletry Bag You Need To Use
10:09 #17 Make Sure You Have A Good Overview Of Your Toiletry Bag
10:27 #18 Separate Your Make Up
10:39 #19 How To Pack Your Clothes
11:12 #20 Organise Your Packing By Category
11:28 #21 What Should You Do About Laundry?
11:50 #22 How To Pack Shoes
12:25 #23 How To Pack Your Handbags
12:54 #24 How To Pack Hats
13:24 #25 Final Tips


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