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24 Secret Flying Hacks You Didn’t Know You Needed

These are all my favorite travel tips when it comes to air travel – I’ve put together a list of my favorite tips, tricks and hacks for flying when it comes to booking cheap flights, saving money on business class airfare, getting through airport security fast & easy, how to be comfortable on the plane in economy seats, packing for your flight (carry-on luggage hacks) and tips for choosing the best seats on the plane.


My Level8 Carry-on:
My Level8 Carry-on (Amazon):
Luggage cup holder:
Foot hammock:
Beach ball:
My personal item bag (fits under the seat):

FareDrop (huge discounts on business class flights):

Amazon storefront – Lightweight carry-on bags:

Blog post: Lightweight carry-on bags (under 6 lbs):

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How to Fly With a Pet in the Cabin:
Pack for 2 weeks in a carry-on:
How to Pack Liquids for carry-on travel:
8 Little Known Travel Hacks for Flying Carry-on Only (Secret Packing Tips):

0:00 Important intro
0:25 Flight Booking Tips
0:56 Finding Cheap Flights
1:39 More Useful Flight Websites
3:56 Airport Security Tips
4:47 In-flight Comfort
6:48 Flight Packing Tips
7:16 Carry-on bags
10:24 Choosing Your Seat on the Plane
11:27 Flying with a Pet
11:43 Under the Seat Bag
12:01 Packing Tips
12:19 Free e-Book


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