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3 Hacks to Get Cheaper Flight Tickets | Travel Hacks #shorts

Here are 3 travel hacks to fly cheaper. #shorts

1. Use Intermiles: Intermiles is a website that can help you redeem your points for free flights. You earn InterMiles on hotel booking, shopping, dining, card spending & much more. Then you can redeem them for free flights.
2. Cobranded travel card: A co-branded credit card is issued by a bank in association with a second party, in this case, it is an airline. You can redeem your points, which get accumulated whenever you use the credit card, to get free flights or discounts on flights. There are also additional benefits like free lounge access and much more.

3. Book at least 15 days in advance to get the cheapest rates and use websites like Skyscanner to compare your flight tickets.

Let me know if you want more such quick tips and tricks.

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