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30 BEST Packing Tips for Travel (INSTANTLY Save Space)

EASY travel hacks to save space when you pack in a personal item bag, carry-on suitcase or checked luggage. Pack 2X more, easy!

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👉Insane Packing Hack (army roll!):
👉Liquid hacks:
👉Best Packing Strategy:


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00:00 Introduction
00:17 Ranger roll clothing
00:27 Packing cubes upgrade
00:42 Cool travel gear
00:52 Packing shoes for travel
01:02 Hotel hack
01:12 Add this to suitcase
01:29 Sock hack
01:41 Shirt collar hack
01:54 Packing a sun hat
02:11 Make-up packing hacks
02:21 TSA liquid rule hack
02:58 Jewelry packing hacks
04:26 More liquid hacks
05:40 Perfume packing hack
05:59 Cheap travel must-have
06:50 Carry-on tech hacks
07:12 Pack this first
07:35 Don’t pack this!
08:18 Toiletry bag tip
08:30 No more space? Try this


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