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6 Key Tips for Travel to Japan!

If you’re heading to Japan, here’s our ⓺ most useful travel tips! 🇯🇵✌️

❶ while out, make sure to always have cash on you! it’s always easy to find an ATM at convenience stores if you need
❷ to make reservations for restaurants, you can ask your hotel reception to help book if they’re not available to book online. we found this incredibly helpful when booking!
❸ write down some basic Japanese phrases to get around. Google Translate + Google Lens will be your best friends to easily share addresses with cabs, or read menus + signs. pointing at things also does the trick!
❹ you’ll want to wear easily removable shoes— some restaurants will have tatami mats or areas without shoes required and being able to slip your shoes on and off will make this a lot easier.
❺ lower your volume of talking and on your phone, especially indoors to be respectful of others and how loud your conversations are!
❻ load up your metro card! You can load your PASMO or Suica card and easily tap in and out of subway rides and you can use it to pay at some stores and vending machines. Its super convenient!

➢: trash cans are infrequent, so you’ll have to carry trash with you. if you need to find one urgently, there are usually ones in subway stations or convenience stores…(read more)

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