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7 WORST Travel Hacks Unveiled!

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There are many “Travel Hacks” out there to help improve your time abroad, but beware! Many of them are pure nonsense!
We take them apart now in 7 Travel Hacks that DON’T Work!

This is a popular one on the internets;
Don’t lose your earrings, keep them in a button!
Because that’s so much easier to find when rummaging around in your bag!
It definitely calls for some kind of bag to keep your jewelry together…
But not this…;
Store your rings in a medicine case while traveling:

The plastic case takes up way more space than say a plastic bag
Who needs to organize their jewelry into separate days
Surely if you’re taking more jewelry than you can wear on a plane, just buy a bigger suitcase?

Save an empty plastic water bottle and then demand the Flight Attendant refill it.
I have seen this “hack” many times, and it will not work in your favor. You will only annoy the Flight Attendants, and we all know that’s not a smart move.

Place your belongings in an overhead bin towards the front of the aircraft. Supposedly this “hack” saves time in deplaning, but it is selfish and inconsiderate to other passengers.

A binder clip will protect the head of shaving razors.
So you have to find or buy a binder clip that fits your razor…
When razors COME with their own plastic cover!!??
Whats it all about!?

Wrap your shoes in a showercap
If you use a shower cap it’s because presumably your hair is quite clean and doesn’t need a wash.
Well it does now if you’re dirty shoes have been wrapped in it.
It’s not like the thin plastic shower cap takes up any space in your bag!

Shower Gel Hack
You have to spend a whole evening emptying out shower gels and conditioners into tiny straws that you’ve pre-sealed one end with somekind of special iron?
Label them all and then seal the other end – making sure they are water tight!
And then when you get into the shower at your hotel…

For anyone wanting a more sensible way of carrying less liquids here are some TSA approved non-spillable 100ml bottles for sale on Amazon!

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