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A Day in MACHU PICCHU | Travel Tips + Guide | Travel Vlog 004

They say “Save the best for last!” We’ve come to the most awaited part of our visit in Peru. Machu Picchu is one of our travel goals and ticking it on our bucket list is such a blessing and an achievement. It took time for me to plan this trip because I had to travel over 8,800 miles from the middle east to reach this part of South America.

During the planning process of creating my itinerary, I’ve researched through the internet and gather information from few of my friends who has visited there already and I’m sharing it to you the one I’ve come up with. Links are also shared below where you can avail the tickets.

I have only one full day to see the place so I have to maximize the time. Most of my friends took a travel agency for an arranged tour to visit the Machu Picchu but I find it a little bit unsuitable to my budget so I had to research the other ways. I visited the Inca Rail website and a live chat guide prompted and informed me the ways how to go there with no need of an arranged tour!!!

If you have only one day, check the best earliest time of departure from Cusco to Aguas Calientes check it here or book your tickets atleast a month ahead from your travel date to get a lower fare and your get your slots! Next, purchase your Machu Picchu Ticket from here . You have to book it also at least a month prior to your preferred visit date because its a first come first served to get your slots.
Round trip bus from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu Citadel can be purchased from here or you can purchased directly at Aguas Calientes Consettur office.
As of August 2019 a Tour Guide is compulsory to enter the Citadel. You can find this official tour guides at the main entrance of the Citadel or you can find them in Aguas Calientes bus queue . Rates normally start at USD50.00 for 2 person and should last about 2.5 hours but you can bargain the rates with the guide specially of you can make a group with at least 5 person.

Print all the tickets that will be sent to you through your registered E-mail and take care of it.This documents are very important. As soon as you arrive in Cusco airport, don’t forget to register your Train Tickets at the Inca Rail office located beside the baggage claim area of airport.

Please take note that you need to bring your passport when traveling to MP.

You can also do a two-day visit, so you can explore also the small town of Aguas Calientes on the first day and book your Machu Picchu early morning the next day to avoid the crowd. You can book your accommodation in Aguas Calientes through your trusted hotel booking sites.

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