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A local’s guide to which beaches you need to visit

Kathleen Wong
 |  Special to USA TODAY

For centuries, the place where the ocean kisses the land has been of incredible importance for the people of Hawaii. These days, Hawaii’s beaches continue to be the main draw for visitors, surfers, divers and many others looking to relish in the islands’ warm waters and soft sand (which sometimes come in red, green and black.) With stunning shorelines across the archipelago, there is no shortage of beaches in Hawaii for people to enjoy.

I’ve been fortunate enough to grow up on Oahu and visit each of the four main Hawaiian islands to experience their own set of unique and stunning beaches. If someone asks me which beach to go to while on the islands, a few come to mind, but for the most part, just about any beach in Hawaii is beautiful and you really can’t go wrong. I only ask that you be respectful and neither litter nor bother wildlife. Here are my favorite beaches to recommend.

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Lanikai Beach

Looking for picture-perfect views? Check.

Crystal clear, swimmable waters? Check.

Soft white sand (arguably so fine, it sticks to everything?)…

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