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A new meaning to tying the knot! Newlyweds scale notorious 3,000ft peak in full wedding attire

A couple of newlyweds celebrated the start of their marriage by climbing one of Britain’s most inaccessible peaks in their wedding outfits. 

Mark Lyons and his wife Victoria got married on 17 July, in a ceremony on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, before climbing the notorious mountain to take wedding photos.

The couple from the Scottish borders made the 3,000 foot journey up the infamous Sgùrr Dearg before scaling the notorious Inaccessible Peak that sits on top of it. 

The 50-metre tall rock formation that marks the mountain’s peak is considered to be Britain’s hardest summit and a ‘holy grail’ for climbers. 

The newlyweds were, however, able to make their way to the top in full wedding attire, before jetting off to Portugal for their honeymoon.  

Mark Lyons (right) and his wife Victoria (left) climbed one of Britain’s most inaccessible peaks to take wedding photos

The couple (pictured) climbed the Inaccessible Peak on Sgùrr Dearg on the Isle of Skye in their wedding outfits 

The adventurous newlyweds climbed the notorious peak after getting married on the Isle of Skye’s Glen Brittle beach

Mr and Mrs Lyons first met in 2010, before getting engaged in the Atlas Mountains, in Morocco and getting married on Skye’s Glen Brittle beach earlier this month. 

In 2018 the couple successfully climbed the Inaccessible Pinnacle, which is also known as ‘Inn Pinn’, in a trip that later inspired their wedding ceremony. 

The Inaccessible Pinnacle that sits on the top of Sgùrr Dearg means the mountain is considered the hardest Munro to climb in its entirety and the only one which requires actual rock climbing abilities.

For reference, a Munro is a mountain in Scotland with a height of more than 3,000 feet.  

The couple’s wedding saw them get married on Glen Brittle beach just below the Cuillin mountain range.

The following day, they decided to climb the Inn Pin for a second time after their first trip in 2018, accompanied by their wedding photographer.

The couple and their photographer, Becy Stabler, then hiked 3,000 feet up the Sgùrr Dearg Munro carrying their outfits.

The couple got married before making the 3,000 foot journey to the top of the Munro to take wedding photos

The newlyweds climbed up the Isle of Skye’s  Sgùrr Dearg with their wedding photographer Becy Stabler

The Inaccessible Peak at the top of Sgùrr Dearg is known as a ‘holy grail’ for Scottish climbers

Sgùrr Dearg is a mountain in the Isle of Skye that is considered to be one of Britain’s most challenging climbs

The couple then swapped their climbing gear for wedding outfits, just below the Inaccessible Pinnacle, before scaling the summit wearing climbing helmets.

Mark, from the Scottish Borders, said: ‘We were married in Glen Brittle just below the Cuillin mountains and due to our special memories of the original climb we decided to revisit in our wedding attire the following day.

‘Glen Brittle beach is such a spiritual place held between the Cuillin mountains and the Sea of Hebrides.

‘The day was manifested with beautiful atmospheric conditions, sun and mist and a light breeze helped keep the midges at bay.

‘The Inaccessible Pinnacle sits over 3,000 feet up on the Sgùrr Dearg Munro so we hiked and scrambled for over two hours carrying a heavy load of climbing equipment, ropes, a wedding dress and a suit up the side of the mountain.

‘The mountain climb was spectacular, the mountain held us and gave us an amazing show all the way to the top.

The couple previously climbed Sgùrr Dearg and scaled the Inaccessible Peak in 2018

The Inaccessible Peak is a 50 metre tall rock formation that sits on top of Sgùrr Dearg

The couple swapped their climbing gear for wedding attire to climb the final stretch of the summit

After finishing their climb the newlyweds later jetted off to Portugal to enjoy their honeymoon

‘On the Inaccessible Pinnacle there was a handful of fellow climbers, one of whom took the photo that started all the interest.

‘The love and all the congratulations that came with this is beautiful and we thank everyone for their best wishes.’

Mark added: ‘The wedding dress and suit held up well until we had an impromptu swim in the loch sat in Coire Lagan on the walk out.

‘The climb would never have happened if we weren’t perfectly happy we could do it safely in the conditions that were given and our use of the necessary safety equipment carried.

‘We would climb the Inn Pin again but will never repeat it dressed up. Naked maybe?’

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