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Airplane Essentials You Should NEVER Forget! – Travel Tips over 50

No matter HOW long your flight is, there are some things you must always have with you! Today I share the items you need on EVERY flight and what you need for those Long Haul flights!

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Level8 Backpack:

*MyCharge Portable Charger:
*Kindle Cover:
*Ear Pods:
*Travel Clorox wipes:
*Travel Kleenex:
*Contigo Water Bottle:
*Vapur Collapsible Water Bottle:
*Systane Eye Drops:
*Blistex Deep Renewal Lip Balm:
*Vaseline Cocoa Butter:
*TSA Liquids Bag:
*Eye mask:
*Rumpl Travel Pillow:
*Trtl Travel Pillow original:
*Trtl Travel Pillow upgrade:
*Thermolite Blanket:
*Turkish Towels:
*Blue Hills Blanket:
*Ear plugs:
*Reading Glasses:

*Nail Polish:


Zombie Red Eye:


Dolly Parton’s America
Murdaugh Murders Podcast
Fed Up

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Hello!! I’m Christi and I’m a 53 year old GenX’er who has spent the last 8 years embracing the adventurer within and I want to share what I’ve learned along the way to inspire others to find the adventurer within themselves.

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Travel Insurance:

*Carry-On Luggage:
*Compression Packing Cubes:

Video Creation Tools:

Editor: iMovie
*MacBook Air:
*Portable External Monitor:
*iPhone 12 Pro:
*Canon EOS Rebel T7i:
*Seagate External Hard drive:
*SD Card Reader:
*Selfie Stick:
*iPhone Microphone:

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