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Alexa-enabled toilet plays music and mood lighting while you go – but has an eye-watering price tag

Smart technology has become a regular feature in our lives over the past few years, affecting everything from our cars, our fridges and even our washing machines.

From today, you can even get a smart toilet installed in your home, enabled with Alexa, LED mood lighting and a speaker – that is if you have around £10,000 to spare.

The Numi 2.0 smart toilet was first revealed by Wisconsin-based company Kohler at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas back in 2019 but has now gone on sale. 

It features a luxurious heated seat, automatic flush and a hands-free opening and closing of the lid, as well as an air-dryer for your bottom.

The Kohler Numi 2.0 smart toilet features a luxurious heated seat, automatic flush and even has a built-in Alexa

The toilet can be installed in homes from today for a cool £9,442 ($11,500). The toilet boasts of a fantastic cleaning system, using UV lights to ensure small particles of waste are removed

Features of the Numi 2.0 toilet Heated toilet seatAutomatic flushHands free opening and closing toilet lidUV lights to clean the toilet seatAutomatic mist machine to clean the toilet bowlAutomatic deodrization of the seatBluetooth to connect your own device

Users can connect via Bluetooth to the Kohler Konnect app to use the surround sound options, with all other features being controlled from a remote.

The toilet also include a built-in bidet that can be adjusted for temperature, position and pressure.

A lot of the loo’s features also focus on making it as clean as possible. 

This includes having UV lights for cleaning the bidet and an automatic mist machine to remove any residue of urine or faeces within the toilet bowl.

Kohler said the toilet boats a ‘spa-like environment’ making your experience of going to the bathroom as relaxing as possible.

But the calming toilet experience comes at a hefty price – costing £9,442 ($11,500) to buy. 

The toilet has been given out to distributors and will be available for direct purchase in the coming days. 

It is not the first smart toilet to wow, however, with some even being able to detect various diseases in faeces and urine.

Toto’s Neorest NX2, which can be bought for £10,710 ($13,000), can raise the toilet up and down depending on who is sitting on it.

As with the Numi 2.0, it can also flush on its own or via a remote. Users can then use the air drying system to clean before getting up.

The Toto toilet boasts of a ‘tornado flush’, in which water gets injected into the toilet, before being spun around the bowl several times, resulting in a cleaner toilet than most.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in 2019, the display floor was flush with ‘intelligent toilets’ that tout all kinds of high-tech capabilities. Models were display from the likes of Kohler and Toto

Toto’s Neorest NX2, which can be bought for £10,710 ($13,000), can raise the toilet up and down depending on who is sitting on it

It then uses a 220-nanometer UV light to break down ‘microscopic waste particles’ left behind in the bowl. 

Other toilets have more practical uses.

For example, one created by Stanford University used cameras, test strips and sensors to identify warning signs of 10 diseases including cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

It uses a fingerprint scanner on the flush and photographic images of the anus to tell the difference between different users.

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