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Baggage handlers’ heartwarming act as they loaded passenger’s dog Daphne onto Virgin Australia plane

A traveller has heaped praise on two baggage handlers who comforted her pet dog while they loaded the pooch onto a plane.

The woman, who was getting ready to board a Virgin Australia flight, noticed the two men take extra care while they loaded her dog, Daphne, onto the aircraft. 

She uploaded a video to TikTok on Thursday which showed the workers carefully towing a trailer that had a blue and orange container on top with Daphne inside towards the plane. 

One worker, who was wearing a yellow hi-vis vest, began to gently load the rectangular box onto the conveyer belt used to load cargo onto the plane. 

The other worker was seen adjusting the speed of the conveyor belt on the side before the pair carefully lifted the container onto the machine. 

The baggage handlers guided the container up the conveyor belt until it was safely placed on the plane. 

The female passenger did not let the kind act go unnoticed and included a caption in the video thanking the two staffers for treating her pooch with care. 

‘Daphne’s first flight and my heart melted when I saw how careful they were with her,’ she wrote. 

‘Thank you Virgin Australia ground staff.’

Earlier in the video, one of the baggage handlers was seen kneeling down and talking to the pet in an effort to comfort her.

He checked the name tag that had been placed on the front of the container before he sat on the trailer as he waited to load the container on the aircraft.  

A traveller has praised baggage handlers who took take of her pet dog that was carefully loaded onto a plane with one worker (pictured) seen kneeling down and talking to the pooch before the dog was placed on the aircraft

The female passenger thanked Virgin Australia (pictured stock image) for taking care of her dog that flew with her on board the plane

A spokesperson from Virgin told Daily Mail Australia the airline ensures all passengers are looked after during their journey. 

‘The health, safety and wellbeing of all Virgin Australia guests, including pets travelling with us, is our top priority,’ the spokesperson said. 

Dozens of users commented on the video and commended the ‘heartwarming’ act. 

‘This is so beautiful all the love and respect for people like this!’ one user wrote.

‘They way he escorted him up the conveyor,’ another said.

‘Haha that’s my dad! Doesn’t treat my dog like that just kidding he has a heart of gold!!’

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Baggage handlers’ heartwarming act as they loaded passenger’s dog Daphne onto Virgin Australia plane

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