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Baked disaster! Social media users share the most hilarious cake fails

That takes the cake! Hilarious baking disasters will make you feel better about your own failed culinary efforts

Nothing says how much you care quite like a celebratory cake that has been hours in the making with a sentimental message on top.

But social media users from around the world have shared when well-intentioned cakes haven’t turned out as intended, and Bored Panda has compiled them into an amusing collection.

One off-putting green offering came complete with a layer of pickles for decoration, while another was the opposite of an edible Disney fairytale, featuring an angry-looking Elsa and Anna on top of a Frozen-themed baked disaster.

Here, FEMAIL shares the funniest cake fails that are the definition of ‘it’s the thought that counts’…

Absolutely quackers! One cake manifested a petrifying depiction of a duck with deranged eyes

Try again! One baker left a classic spelling error emblazoned on top of their creation for all to see

Are you afraid? A Twilight fan decorated their cake with Edward Cullen’s petrifying quote and an even more petrifying image of his face

Eyes on the side of your head! One baker from the US failed their attempt at making a horse in cake form, leaving it with glaring eyes and bared teeth

In a pickle! The opposite of a sweet treat, one unappetising green cake was decorated with pickles

Magical mess! A unicorn cake was left as a mystical explosion of colour by one excited baker

Gruesome! One cake. one sale in the US, depicted an unidentifiable creature with a red nose and exposed gnashers

Let it be gone! A frightening portrayal of Disney favourite Frozen was crafted on top of one cake, featuring an angry Elsa and Anna

Sleeping on the job! One baker imitated the signature cake fail of Sleeping Beauty, complete with escaping candles

Drake cake! A less-than-life-like recreation of a Drake album cover was iced on the top of one baked creation

Strawberry flop-cake! Another cake depicted a scary pink creature with a gaping mouth and large teeth

Special cake for a special day! One simple white wedding cake went wrong, leaving an exposed middle layer 

Drive away! Another sloppy creation left the shape of a car almost unidentifiable among the colourful mess


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