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Best places to eat in Los Angeles, according to chef Curtis Stone

Jenny Peters
 |  Special to USA TODAY 10Best

Hike like A Los Angeles local And Skip The Hollywood sign

Don’t get us wrong. The Hollywood sign is a fun hike, but we have a few other scenic suggestions less traveled by tourists.
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Australian chef Curtis Stone didn’t mean to make Los Angeles his home, but things just turned out that way.

“I temporarily relocated to L.A. about thirteen years ago to do a TV show,” he recalls, “and ended up really liking it. And it didn’t hurt that I met my wife here. But L.A. has been a place of so many beginnings for me – it’s where I started my family, where I opened my first restaurant. There’s always this sense of possibility and opportunity here.”

Stone’s two restaurants in the City of Angels are in Beverly Hills and Hollywood. “I opened Maude in 2014 as my first solo restaurant,” Stone reminisces. “Then, in 2016, I opened Gwen Butcher Shop & Restaurant in Hollywood with my brother Luke, which showcases fire-based cooking techniques and responsibly-sourced proteins and produce.”

Stone also continues to do television in Los Angeles and beyond, currently starring in “Crime Scene Kitchen” on Fox. He’s also now the father of two sons, and he and his brother opened a new…

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