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Bishnupur Travel Guide || Bishnupur Tourist Spot || Bishnupur Tour || Bishnupur Mela

Bishnupur Travel Guide || Bishnupur Tourist Spot || Bishnupur Tour || Bishnupur Temple || Bishnupur Mela || Mukutmanipur picnic spot || Bankura Tourist Spot || Purulia Tourist Spot || Tour Planner Blog || Weekend tour from kolkata || Weekend trip from kolkata

Bishnupur, the temple town is ideal for a weekend trip from Kolkata and a remarkable historical place of west bengal tourism. In this Bishnupur travel guide you will get all information related to Bishnupur tourist spots. Bishnupur is famous for its terracotta art. Terracotta literally means backed earth in Italian but Bishnupur has some of the finest terracotta art in the world. The terracotta art of Bishnupur reached it’s zenith during the period of Malla Kings of seventeen century.

How to reach Bishnupur :
The most convenient way to reach Bishnupur is by train. Bishnupur (Station code : VSU ) is well commented by train from Santragachi, Howrah and Kharagpur.
12883 Rupashi Bangla Express leave Howrah at 6:25 am and reach Bishnupur at 9:36 am
22861 Rajya Rani Express leave Santragachi at 6:44 am and reach Bishnupur at 10:06 am
12885 Aranyak Express leave Santragachi at 6:25 am and reach Bishnupur at 11:09 am

Best time to visit :
Winter is the ideal time to visit Bishnupur. Although one may visit bishnupur throughout the year.

What to see in Bishnupur :
Rasmancha : Rasmancha was build by malla king Hambir, this is the oldest structure of Bishnupur. Entry fee : ₹30/ head.

Gumghar :
A sasure structure located on the top of a small mound. Some opine that it was a prison while others believe it was a granery.

Shyamrai Temple : This is popularly known as Panchachura Temple because of its five pinnacles.

Jor Bangla Temple : Locally known as Kestorai Temple.

Radheshyam Temple : Just adjacent to Jor Bangla temple there is a temple with one pinnacle named as Radheshyam temple. There is an Islamic style gate infront of this temple.

Other places are : Lalji Temple, Stone Chariot, Madan Mohan temple, Dalmadal canon, Chinnamasta Temple, Bishnupur Mela, Bishnupur Pora Matir Haat (Every Saturday 1pm onwards), Baluchori Saree Shop and Panchmura Terracotta Village.

Entry fee: ₹30/head for Rasmancha, which can be used for other temples of Bishnupur.

Parking fee : ₹30 for each places.

Food : Average meal ₹250 (Lunch, Dinner separately)

Hotel :
Hotel Annapurna : Tariff ₹2500/- to ₹7500/-
Contact :
074707504000, 7407505000

Bishnupur Tourist Lodge : Tariff ₹800 – 3000/-
Contact :

Youth hostel can be book through online.

There are lots of other hotels around Bishnupur Town with tariff starting from 400 to 1200.

Contact of car : Kajal +918617418885 ( Highly recommend)
Approx 1000-1200 for a day trip.

Auto can be booked for ₹100/ hour.

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