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Britons reveal the 50 things that make them proud to be British from the NHS to David Attenborough

Britons reveal the top 50 things that make them proud to be British with the NHS No1 followed by fish and chips, a full English breakfast – and the QueenA poll found that 87 per cent say they are proud to be BritishThe most patriotic city in the UK is Bristol followed by Manchester and Sheffield Other things that make Britons proud are Big Ben and David Attenborough

What makes Britons most proud to be British are the NHS, fish and chips and a full English breakfast, according to a poll.

The study also found that 87 per cent feel proud to be British.

The NHS topped the list of what makes Britons proud, with 71 per cent of the vote.

The NHS has emerged as the number one thing that makes Britons proud to be British, a new survey has revealed 


1. The NHS – 71 per cent

2. Fish and chips – 58 per cent

3. Full English breakfast – 52 per cent

4. The Queen – 48 per cent

5. British countryside – 44 per cent

6. Big Ben – 44 per cent

7. Roast beef – 42 per cent

8. Tea – 42 per cent

9. Sir David Attenborough – 38 per cent

10. Pubs – 37 per cent

11. William Shakespeare – 34 per cent

12. Only Fools and Horses – 32 per cent

13. Kindness – 31 per cent

14. Sarcasm – 30 per cent

15. The Beatles – 30 per cent

16. James Bond – 28 per cent

17. Cream teas – 27 per cent

18. Victoria Sponge cake – 27 per cent

19. J.K Rowling – 27 per cent

20. Pie and mash – 27 per cent

21. Florence Nightingale – 27 per cent

22. Stonehenge – 26 per cent

23. Charles Dickens – 26 per cent

24. Stephen Hawking – 26 per cent

25. Cornish pasties – 25 per cent

26. Joe Wicks – 22 per cent

27. Neighbourly spirit – 22 per cent

28. Paddington Bear – 22 per cent

29. Rishi Sunak – 20 per cent

30. Jane Austen – 20 per cent

31. The Duchess of Cambridge – 19 per cent

32. David Bowie – 19 per cent

33. The Blitz spirit – 19 per cent

34. Monty Python – 18 per cent

35. The Rolling Stones – 18 per cent

36. Stiff upper lip – 17 per cent

37. Changing of the guard – 17 per cent

38. Dame Judi Dench – 17 per cent

39. Stephen Fry – 16 per cent

40. Sir Michael Caine – 16 per cent

41. JRR Tolkien – 16 per cent

42. Chicken tikka masala – 15 per cent

43. Marmite – 15 per cent

44. CS Lewis – 15 per cent

45. Absolutely Fabulous – 13 per cent

46. Jamie Oliver – 13 per cent

47. Marmalade – 12 per cent

48. Dame Helen Mirren – 12 per cent

49. Clifton Suspension Bridge – 11 per cent

50. Houses of Parliament – 11 per cent

Source: Perspectus Global

Perhaps due to the current lockdown, the nation’s most-loved foods emerged prominently in the ranking, with fish and chips in second place (58 per cent) and the full English breakfast coming third (52 per cent).

Her Majesty the Queen came fourth in the poll of 2,000 people with 48 per cent, while the British countryside and Big Ben both stir national pride (fifth and sixth place, 44 per cent).

Roast beef (seventh, 42 per cent), tea (eighth, 42 per cent), Sir David Attenborough (ninth, 38 per cent) and pubs (tenth, 37 per cent) rounded out the top 10. 

The nation’s PE teacher, Joe Wicks, who has kept the nation on its toes with his daily online workouts, made the list with 22 per cent of the vote (26th), as did the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak (29th, 20 per cent).

Fish and chips came second in the ranking of things that make Britons proud to be British

Over 50 per cent of those polled said that the full English breakfast made them proud to be British 

William Shakespeare (11th, 34 per cent) and Only Fools and Horses (12th, 32 per cent) also made the cut, while The Beatles (15th, 31 per cent) comfortably saw off The Rolling Stones (35th, 18 per cent).

Regionally, Bristol was the most patriotic city in the UK, where 94 per cent of people admit their emotion for their country, followed by Manchester (93 per cent) and Sheffield (92 per cent).

The survey was commissioned by online polling firm Perspectus Global and ran from March 31 to April 1. 

Her Majesty the Queen came fourth in the table, with 48 per cent of those polled saying she made them feel proud to be British 

Head of research at Perspectus Global, David Arnold, said: ‘We were delighted, but not surprised to see the heroes of the NHS being recognised for the incredible work they do and are doing at the moment.

‘It was also interesting to see how many of our favourite foods came high on the list, perhaps showing how our favourite meals are getting us through the current lockdown.

‘Overall, our poll shows as many as 87 per cent of Brits are proud to be British, which is testament to the resilience of the nation.’


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