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COVID19 Test Results, Travel Vlog, Leaving Cape Town | Homecoming Series, Episode 4

Hello beautiful people,
We are on the last few episodes of the Homecoming Series.
In this episode, I finally get my COVID test results (you can already tell what the result is) and I push through the stress and manage to travel using Ethiopian Airlines.
Watch for the details and enjoy the vlog.

xx, Mutombo

A B O U T M E :
• I am Cameroonian
• I attend the University of Cape Town (UCT)
• Camera: Samsung S7 Edge + Canon M50
• Editing software: Filmora9 (Wondershare)
• Main content: videos (vlogs) showing my day, my activities, explorations or travels
• Other content: just sitting in front of the camera and addressing certain topics.
• Current subscriber count: 2,145..(read more)

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