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Here are some sensory play ideas for the plane, train or car:⁣

➡️ Read and talk about a touch-and-feel book.⁣
➡️ Suction something to the window (like suction cup balls!)⁣
➡️ Decorate the windows with window-clings (for toddlers and preschoolers)⁣
➡️ Create a show with finger puppets (Sing songs and tell a story!)⁣
➡️ Blow bubbles (only in the car obviously!) ⁣
➡️ Give baby an old remote or video game controller (without batteries for safety)⁣
➡️ Fill a water bottle with rice and felt pom-poms and sequins (hot glue the top on to prevent messes and to keep it safely closed.)⁣
➡️ Make sensory bags (Fill a ziploc bag with hair gel and buttons OR fill it with baby oil and food coloring. Be sure to duct tape them closed. Use painters tape on your airplane tray to hold the sensory bags in place as they are being used.)⁣
➡️ Tape small toys to the airplane tray table with painters tape and have your child “rescue” the toy. (By removing the tape.)⁣
➡️ Fill an old wipes container with strips of fabric and have your child reach in and pull them out.⁣
➡️ Pull out your phone and show your child videos of themself! ⁣

On the day of travel, having something to stimulate that brain and occupy little hands helps to pass the time! ⁣

❓What ideas do you have? ⁣
❓What have you found helps to pass the time if they don’t sleep? ⁣

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