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Delayed Flight Travel Tips So Your Trip Isn’t Ruined

When your flight is delayed this summer, do these 15 travel tips to help!
Here are 4 tips to do at home just in case your flight is delayed or canceled with many other travel tips to help you. Be prepared for lost luggage, pack medicine in personal item bag and more tips.

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Tips for an ultimate packing list:
3. Do not get pickpocketed by following these tips:
4.Get more space for your carry-on:

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00:00 Tips be prepared for delayed flights
00:35 Before flight pack snacks
1:05 Check flight departure before leave home
1:17 Pack extra clothing
1:51 Download shows to your phone
2:38 Tip I learned from delayed flights
3:27 Update kindle for airplane
3:44 Pack important phone numbers and documents
4:10 Pack medicine in personal item bag
5:04 Before you arrive at airport
7:00 Pack a portable charger
7:42 Consider travel insurance
8:50 Long lines at restaurants may delay you
10:17 Airline crew shortage this summer
11:07 Crowds in airplanes cause delays
11:22 Airplane maintenance causes delays
11:51 TSA line numbers of passengers

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