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Desis See The Reality of USA (Chicago)

Indians in Baasi kaanda & GTA sheher
Ek aur asanskari jagah soon.

We attended VidCon in Los Angeles & then went to Chicago.
Thanks to YouTube for this opportunity.

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We visited Chicago, cloud gate – the bean, saw 4th of July fireworks, crown fountain, Michigan lake and the Chicago river. Saw many YouTubers like TommyInnit (Dream SMP) MrBeast and more in Los Angeles VidCon USA 2022. And thanks to Emirates airlines for the amazing flying travel experience. We also saw the Chainsmokers perform live, and had amazing deep dish pizza! The whole trip was insane 🙂

Subtitles by Nitika (available within 1-2 days of upload)


Please don’t visit the pages/videos of any of these people to spread negativity nor to spam comments on their work, we all are just having some light-hearted fun that stays & ends here, no hate intended, ever!
Enjoy 🙂

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