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English Countryside Travel Tips! (Plus Our One Big Piece of Advice!)

Here are some English Countryside travel tips. These were formed from our days exploring the English Countryside. We visited in August 2018. Hopefully you find these helpful if you are visiting the English Countryside.

Here are some links to stuff in the video:

Visit Windsor Castle

Visit Stonehenge

The Brickmakers (The English Countyside Restaurant we ate at)

00:00 Intro
00:31 First Recommendation – Rent an automatic vehicle (especially if you’re an American driving in England)
00:55 Second Recommendation – Visit the historical sites
01:11 Third Recommendation – Eat English Food!
01:31 Fourth Recommendation – Rent a cottage!
01:48 Fifth Recommendation – Take your time!
02:16 Sixth Recommendation – Everything takes a longer than you think!

Here’s a link to our Instagram where we post some cool photos (well we think they’re cool!)
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