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Farewell and Travel Safe with these 15 Useful Travel Hacks

About to pack your bag and fly out?! Just stick around for a couple more minutes to jot down these lifehacks that may come in handy during your travels! Discover how to properly set up your suitcase – and pack your clothes and travel accessories in the right way. In addition, learn how to set up your hotel room or bathroom with a mixture of towel folding techniques. Stay tuned!

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00:04 Fix a Bruise with Duct Tape
00:46 Pack Suitcase Lazy Style
01:27 How to Pack a Suitcase
02:18 DIY Sleeping Bag
03:17 Liquids within a Straw
04:24 T-shirt Bag
05:16 Hairbrush Money Stash
05:59 Create a Secure Pocket
07:15 How to Pack Clothes
08:35 How to Pack Travel Accessories
08:57 Romantic Towel Swan
09:25 How to Fold Small Towels
09:43 Bath Themed Towel Fold
10:17 Teddy Towels
10:46 Mini Rose Towel
11:11 Sauna Towel Pack

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