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First Time in SUKHOTHAI Thailand Travel Vlog – ancient ruins, alms giving, trying new Thai food!

In this Thailand Travel Vlog we finally make it to Sukhothai – the first ancient capital of Siam! We’ve already been to Ayutthaya multiple times, and many people told us to visit Sukhothai as well, but we couldn’t find the time to go. Eventually we decided to take an overnight bus from Bangkok on Friday night to arrive in Sukhothai early Saturday morning, spend two full days exploring, and return to Bangkok Sunday night. Even in our packed weekend, it was so much fun!!

Sukhothai was the capital of Siam from 1238-1438 AD. It was essentially the beginning of Thailand! When Sukhothai fell, it was overtaken by Ayutthaya (the 2nd capital of Siam). If you like history, Ayutthaya is also an amazing place to visit and it is easy to do as a day trip from Bangkok (check out our Ayutthaya video here:

Sukhothai Historical Park is made up of different sections. The centrer, north, and west sections each charge a 100 baht entrance fee. While the east and south sections are free. We stopped by so many amazing temples including Wat Mahathat, Wat Si Chum, Wat Saphan Hin, and Wat Chetuphon! We tried the famous Sukhothai noodles – twice! And we were also lucky enough to arrive right before the alms giving at Wat Traphang Thong. Overall it was an amazing weekend exploring Sukhothai!

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00:30 Arriving at the Sukhothai Bus Station
00:56 Sukhothai Bus Station to Sukhothai Historical Park
01:15 Sukhothai Alms Giving at Wat Traphang Thong
02:09 Our Hotel in Sukhothai
03:25 Bicycle Rental in Sukhothai
03:46 Map of Sukhothai Historical Park
04:01 Biking in Sukhothai
04:18 Wat Mahathat
05:28 Wat Si Sawai
05:59 Wat Traphang Ngoen
06:42 Wat Sa Si
07:28 Biking to Sukhothai North Section
08:04 Sukhothai North Section Tickets
08:12 Sukhothai Famous Wat Si Chum
09:22 Thu Riang Kilns at Sukhothai
10:09 Pottery Pieces at the Sukhothai Kilns
10:59 Wat Sangkhawat
12:13 After Our Nap
12:39 Massage Time
12:56 Trying Sukhothai Noodles
14:37 Thai Food Dinner
15:40 Back to the Hotel
16:20 Morning Day 2
16:42 Biking to Sukhothai West Section
17:25 Sukhothai West Section Tickets&Map
18:47 Wat Saphan Hin
19:09 Sukhothai Drone Shots
20:39 Elephant Temple Ruins
21:02 Stone Wall
21:30 Sukhothai City Wall
21:49 Biking to Sukhothai South Section
22:15 Wat Chetuphon
24:52 More Sukhothai Noodles
25:06 Roadside Thai Food
28:00 Coffee Break and Thai Desserts
29:06 Last Thai Food in Sukhothai

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