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Florida vacation destinations with the best air quality, ranked by AQI

Ongoing air quality issues due to Canadian Wildfires this summer have thwarted fun plans to enjoy the outdoors. From New York City to the Midwest and several places in between, experts have warned those living in areas with an active air quality advisory to stay inside with air conditioning or use an N95 mask outside to avoid health risks.

Those looking to get away on vacation for some fresh air still have options. analyzed AQI measurements from July 3 until July 17 to find the average Air Quality Index (AQI) across the nation’s 120 most common vacation spots. The Environmental Protection Agency uses the AQI to determine how safe it is for people to be out and about breathing the air. Measured on a scale of 0-500, the a lower index score indicates better air quality. An AQI score of 0-50 is considered good as it poses little health risks.

Hawaii and Alaska beaches took the top five spots on the list with AQI scores of 14 or below. Locations in Washington and California also made the top ten for best air quality, but California’s wildfire season is right around the corner and could pose air quality risks.

Florida tied California for the most spots on the list overall, both with 10 destinations with a good average…

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