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Forget superyachts! World’s first super SUB features a swimming pool, wine cellar, and cinema and can hold 20 passengers underwater for four weeks – but it will set you back $2 BILLION

Billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Roman Abramovich already traverse the world’s waters in enormous floating pleasure vessels known as superyachts.

But what if they wanted to take their luxury ship below the surface to admire the ocean depths?

An Austrian design firm may finally have the answer – the world’s first super submarine, described as ‘the future of yachting’. 

Measuring 543 feet long, ‘Migaloo M5’ can hold 20 passengers and 40 crew members on while submerged underwater continuously for four weeks. 

It comes equipped with a swimming pool, wine cellar and cinema, but at a cost of $2 billion (1.5 billion) to build, it’s purely reserved for the world’s elite. 

Measuring 543 feet long, ‘Migaloo M5’ can hold 20 passengers and 40 crew members on while submerged underwater continuously for four weeks

Underwater, those aboard will be able to spot marine life from the pressure hull viewing window (illuminated in this design render) 

Migaloo M5: Key specs 

Length: 543 feet

Range: 9.3 miles 

Submerged endurance: 4 weeks 

Depth: 820 feet

Capacity: 20 passengers & 40 crew

Cost to build: $2 billion


The ambitious vessel – which can dive to a depth of 820 feet (250 metres) – has been designed by design firm Migaloo, based in Graz, Austria, which is named after the all-white humpback whale. 

‘Our target group are visionary billionaires with or without existing superyacht experience who have extraordinary demands for exclusivity, safety, adventure or experiences,’ CEO Christian Gumpold told the Times. 

‘As it is a completely new development, such a project will require corresponding monetary resources, take a lot of time for design, construction and building and demand many decisions.’ 

According to Gumpold, the firm is currently in negotiations with ‘interested parties’ to build the sub, although he declined to name them. 

Promo images of what the sub will look like (once it’s built) reveal a slender white craft totally at odds with the Vanguard class subs of the Royal Navy. 

Swimming pools either side of Migaloo M5 can extend out over the water while the sub is on the surface

There’s even a helipad for receiving guests before the vessel makes its descent beneath the surface 

The firm says: ‘A submersible superyacht represents the pinnacle of personal expression. Offering unmatched privacy and security, it caters to those with a passion for exploration and seeking extraordinary experiences’ 

But just like other submarines, it can operate both on the surface before making the dive underwater.

Swimming pools on either side of the vessel extend out over the water while the sub is still on the surface. 

But like something from Thunderbirds, these pools can slot back into the body of the vessel prior to descent.  

There’s even a helipad for receiving guests by helicopter before the vessel makes its descent. 

Descent is triggered when huge on-board storage tanks (called called ballast tanks) fill with water to reduce buoyancy. 

Meanwhile, the luxury interior is largely clad in gold and white leather and comes complete with comfy sofas, deck chairs and mood lighting. 

This inner sanctum is al fresco, until it’s sealed and pressurized prior to the sub going down. 

Also, a staircase takes passengers below to the pressure hull, where they can admire they ocean’s depths through a viewing window. 

Migaloo M5’s luxury interior is largely clad in gold and white leather and includes comfy sofas, mood lighting and more

This inner sanctum is sealed and pressurized before the sub goes down, although still accessible to guests 

As the sun sets, billionaires and their buddies can lounge al fresco and take a dip leading up to a four-week submersion 

It’s standard for design firms like Migaloo to create detailed renders of their imagined creations in the bid to attract billionaires and bring them to fruition.

Nearly a decade ago, Migaloo unveiled a concept for floating private islands that could be moved anywhere in the world – but they’re yet to be realised. 

The islands would feature penthouse suites, swimming pools, waterfalls and helipads, as well as vertical gardens including palm trees. 

Other firms routinely publish new concept images for the latest quirky superyacht, all with eye-watering prices to build. 

These have included the ‘invisible’ superyacht made of glass and the ‘swan-shaped’ megayacht with a detachable ‘head’. 

A luxury yacht that’s perfect for high-flyers! Incredible 242ft yacht uses a foil system to ‘fly’ across the water – but it will set you back £70 MILLION 

A luxury 242ft-long yacht has not only been designed to take you on the high seas but also to ‘fly’ above the water – as long as you have a spare £70 million.

The impressive design concept called the Plectrum was released by the Rome-based Lazzarini Design Studio.

Built out of dry carbon fibres that make it extra light, it uses a foil system so it can rise above the waves and glide along the water at up to 75 knots (86mph). 

Italian creators at the Lazzarini Design Studio released images of their latest concept yacht called the Plectrum (pictured)

At the moment, the yacht remains a concept boat with no set date to arrive on to the market. 

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