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It’s hard to deny that 2020 has gotten off to a rocky start, but tough times have brought out the best in some communities, inspiring towns, individuals and small businesses to get creative for the greater good. Here are three of these stories from the past week.

A simple phrase brings hope to this small town

Mural by artist Jason Kofke — Photo courtesy of Discover Dunwoody

“Everything will be OK.”

Residents of Dunwoody, Georgia (a small town just north of Atlanta) woke up Tuesday morning (March 17) to yard signs scattered around town with these four words.

“It happened overnight,” says Melanie Watson, Communications Manager at Discover Dunwoody. “People went to bed and woke up to signs all over town. It was like waking up to presents on Christmas morning.”

The phrase first popped up in town back in 2009, when local artist Jason Kofke painted a mural with the words as part of an art show at the Spruill Gallery. When the exhibition ended, the mural came down. Then the phone calls started coming. Residents of Dunwoody wanted to know where the sign went and why. Was everything not okay?

The gallery decided to return the mural to its original position, and the four words painted across it in simple capital letters have since…

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