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Heart-stopping pictures show daredevils somersaulting on precipices and dangling from cranes

These pictures will make even the most confident climber’s palms sweat.

That’s because they show some of the world’s bravest daredevils proving that they have limitless reserves of derring-do. 

One is pictured sitting on the edge of a skyscraper in New York’s Times Square, one somersaults on a precipice with a 2,300ft drop and another takes a lie down on the arm of a massive crane without a harness.

The gallery of images also includes a snap of a pair of newlyweds in their finery negotiating a sheer cliff face.  

And let’s not forget the image of a climber hanging like a bat hundreds of feet up.

Scroll down to see the nerve-shredding images…

Toby Segar, 21, from Godalming, Surrey, is snapped performing a back-flip on the edge of Trolltunga, 700 metres (2,300ft) from the ground. Translated as trolls tongue, the cliff edge is a flat area of rock that sticks horizontally out of a mountain on the north side of Lake Ringedalsvatnet in Norway. Not content with merely doing a back-flip on the rock, Toby actually stood right on the edge of the precipice to perform the stunt

A daredevil known as LiveJN hangs from a crane high above the New York City skyline. The image was captured by his companion @svvvk. Long Island University’s pink campus building can be seen far below (LIU, centre)

German tourist Andrej Ciesielski, from Munich, decided to photograph the New York city-scape by day and night in a risky roofing expedition. Roofing is when photographers scale giddy heights to capture vertigo-inducing images. This image shows Andrej dangling his legs off the side of a building overlooking Times Square

Brave bride Melissa Kornexl can be seen hanging perilously from the cliff face at Cathedral Ledge in New Hampshire, USA, and appears to put all her faith in her new husband, James, to stop her plummeting 400 feet to the ground. However, the clever snaps, taken by Jay and Vicki from Philbrick Photography, actually cleverly disguise harnesses safely anchoring the couple to the rock. The daring newlyweds braved winds of 45mph to capture the unique photos, and climbing guide Marc Chauvin cut holes in Melissa’s wedding dress and James’s suit to thread a rope through and stop the couple falling

A Russian daredevil relaxes on the arm of a crane in Moscow in a jaw-dropping picture by Ivan Semenov, 23. He’s captured his friends posing in all sorts of precarious positions, including on Moscow’s city business centre, the Victory Monument, and One Island East Centre in Hong Kong. So far, the gang have managed to avoid injury

Dimitriy Chernysh and his girlfriend Polina, left, at the top of a skyscraper in Dubai. Dimitriy, 22, from Moscow, knew that Polina had always wanted to see Dubai’s skyscrapers, so he took her straight to the top of one. He has become well-known in the urban exploration world for managing to scale some of the world’s tallest buildings – without permission and without any safety gear. Pictured right is Pete Whittaker, who hangs upside down like bat in a stomach-churning image. The professional climber, 27, was in Canyonlands National Park in America with his friend Tom Randall when the incredible picture was taken. But Pete, from Sheffield, said the pose actually gives his arms a rest and allows him to think about his next moves

Mark Diggins follows colleague Paul Tattersall as they climb a precarious stack of rocks close to Orkney with the North Atlantic crashing beneath their feet. Photographer Dave Cuthbertson took the photos while helping with the filming for the BBC series Britain’s Ancient Capital: Secrets of Orkney

David Thomas Nelmes, 23, from Leeds runs across a rooftop in Dubai. The daredevil, former gymnast and freerunner shows no fear as he performs the death-defying stunt 70 storeys up

Australian professional freediver Adam Stern, 28, who overcame his fear of heights by climbing an underwater cliff in Barracuda Lake in the Philippines. He is highly ranked in the world and holds numerous Australian records

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