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How to Fly With Your Dog in the Airplane (10 Travel Tips)

Today I will show you how to travel with a dog in an airplane with 10 tips. We flew with our dog under the airplane seat in front of us on United Airlines, and I will show you how we did it successfully. I was “pet”rified leading up to our dog’s first flight. Would our puppy be able to use the pet relief stations in airports, would he whine, would he have a potty accident mid flight, would he bark incessantly? I learned 10 travel tips to help you know how to best travel with your dog in the airport and inside the airplane cabin. These ten travel tips are for your dog in the airplane at your feet not in the belly of the plane.
The number one tip for travel with a dog in an airplane is to pay for the pet’s fee on the airline’s website at the beginning. #travelwithdog #travelwithpuppy #flywithdog

Other Videos You May Need:


My Packing List for Travel With a Dog:
-Roll of bags for poop:
-Fanny pack for phone/id and bags/treats: (size large)
KT recommends this carrier:
-Medicines to and from vacation
-Treats / Chew Toys (3 kinds)

-Stuffed animal for crate
-We bought a crate and had delivered to vacation home for when we ran errands:
-Puddle pads (7):
-Wet wipes in baggie
-Collapsible bowl – he would not use it.
-Vaccination paper and airport certificate

Other links:
My sweater:
Backpack (similar one from same company):
Horizontal Stripe Bag:

If you have a puppy, I highly recommend PupBox: (50% off first one) because toys and treats are age appropriate. I paid for 6 months and will extend it.

Travel With Dog Airline Links:

#pupbox #travelwithdog #flywithdog

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