How to Pack Toiletries (Organized)

Today I am teaching you ways to pack toiletries. We will help organize your packing list of toiletries while showing you some travel hacks! The number one travel tip for packing toiletries is to divide them up among your carry-on bags. Separate the essentials before you pack them into:
pouches, baggies, hanging toiletry kit or dopp kit. #traveltips #toiletries #packingtips

This videos will be helpful:
Pack less weight:

Links to Toiletries:
Toiletry aqua:
Fly pouch (pink):
Eye drops: Systane preservative free
Pill box:
Purple case:
Mesh pouches:
Plane to see bag:
Curling iron case:
Travel Toothbrush:
Tide sink packs:
Toothpaste tablets:
Shampoo bar: Lush
Eyeshadow brush holder:
Black purse:
Fingernail polish: Choose the Bora Bora color:
My travel shirts:

00:00 Travel Tips Pack Toiletries
3:34 Toiletries for hair
4:47 Packing list toiletries
7:26 Makeup toiletries
7:56 Skincare travel
8:53 Toiletry tools

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