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I’m American who moved to London – here is what I HATE about living in the UK… and it is NOT the weather

An American woman living in London has revealed what she hates about living in the UK – and it is not the weather.

Aurora Lofton, known on TikTok as @aurora._victoria, often gives her 62,000 followers an insight into her new life in Britain.

She’s previously spoke up about our ‘confusing street signs,’ and lack of US-style snacks’ at the cinema, including popcorn drenched in butter.

The latest pet peeve on her list is food shopping and how long our products last.

The video has been seen by more than 683,000 people and has racked up over 2,600 comments.

An American woman living in London has pointed out what she thinks is one of the hardest things about living in the UK, sparking yet another culture clash row

While chopping tomatoes in her kitchen, Aurora explains: ‘Let me tell you one of the most difficult parts about being an American in the UK – and no it’s not the weather.

‘It’s going grocery shopping. So I am used to the American way, which is we just pipe up our food with loads of preservatives.

‘Not that great for you, but it makes life a little bit easier – the jury is still out on that here.

‘They don’t have as many preservatives in their food, which means that when you go to the grocery store, you need to eat that food within the next two to three days’.

Showing off her lunch, she added: ‘For example, these tomatoes that I’m dicing up, perfect time, I got them like three days ago.

‘I’m super excited to have them with a salad for dinner. This bread, I got this bread from the grocery store the day before I got the tomatoes so four days ago’.

Holding up the bread to the camera, she exclaimed: ‘I literally have mould on my bread within four days. 

‘It’s crazy to me because now I’ve wasted half a loaf of bread and I hate wasting food.

In a food-related video, she once again compares her lifestyle in America to her new one in London, where she currently resides – and this time it’s about grocery shopping and how long products last

‘I absolutely hate it, but it’s something that has actually made me be a bit more proactive with my groceries because every month I was wasting so much food, so much money.

‘It’s actually been super difficult for me and I’m still working through it’.

The American concludes by advising her fellow expats: ‘So, if you’re interested in moving to the UK, make sure that you plan your meals out and you eat your food quickly otherwise it’s going to spoil’.

One shocked Brit commented: ‘Bruh [sic] so you’re telling me American bread doesn’t go bad? Is it made of plastic?’

Others advised: ‘Freeze the bread, take it out by the slice’ and ‘Put the bread in the fridge when you buy it’.

Another joked: ”Not great for you but makes life easier’ is the most beautiful way to sum up the American situation’.

One angry viewer exclaimed: ‘Would rather learn how to shop better than be pumped full of preservatives and other nasty things that the Americans put in their food’. 

Someone else from the US chimed in with: ‘Honestly as an American, if something is not going bad within a couple of days, I stop buying the brand. Why is my bread lasting two or more weeks??’ 

Another argued: ‘I’m from the UK and never had bread go off in 4 days, probably just being kept somewhere warm and moist’. 

Meanwhile, an American quipped: ‘Mould after 4 days is not normal though. It should at least last a week. 

A second penned: ‘In America here. I had a loaf of bread that I left for two weeks and when I came back. No mould’.

It comes just after a US watchdog told that the seizure of American candies in the UK should be a wake-up call for Americans about what’s in their food.

Footage from the UK showed workers stuffing American candy and sodas – which are found in virtually every US store — into trash bags as regulators get tough on US imports.

Candies like Jolly Rancher, Swedish Fish and Lemonhead contain several additives that are legal in the US but banned under EU and UK law due to their links to cancer, infertility and other problems.

The watchdog Consumer Reports said the video should trigger a shift in food policy in the US and urged officials here to ‘do more’ to protect adults and children. 

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