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I’m an astrologer – and here’s where you should go on holiday in 2024… according to your star sign

Stuck on where to travel in 2024? Let the stars decide!

Delta Air Lines teamed up with expert astrologer Lisa Stardust to offer bucket-list 2024 itineraries matched to each zodiac sign.

From the colourful city of Lisbon to the white beaches of Honolulu – there might just be a destination that’ll leave you feeling over the moon.

Whether you’re a believer or astrology sceptic, read on to find out what the stars have in store for your 2024 travels…

Aries – Dublin and Los Angeles

Dublin (above) is a 2024 ‘hot spot’ for this fiery sign. The astrologer says ‘the ram’s passions will take flight there’

THE ARIES CHARACTER: ‘Aries are independent and prefer being at the center of attention,’ says Lisa. ‘Aries embrace their fiery attitude to be in the midst of excitement, hustle and bustle while traveling. Their desire for success drives them toward places that are bold and stimulating.’


Dublin, Ireland. Lisa says Dublin is a ‘hot spot’ for Aries ‘because the ram’s passions will take flight there’. She adds: ‘If Aries lusts for an educational trip, this vibrant city is home to the International Literary Festival in May and the Bloomsday Festival in June.’ 

Los Angeles, U.S. Lisa says: ‘This city will make the rambunctious ram feel as though they’re on top of the world in 2024.’ The best time to visit, she says, is during the solar eclipse on April 8, when ‘Aries has potential to make fated connections and deals’. 

Taurus – Lisbon and Naples

Lisbon’s ‘beautiful’ architecture will ‘seduce’ Taureans, says Lisa

THE TAURUS CHARACTER: ‘The planetary ruler of Taurus is Venus, which makes the bull decadent and indulgent. Taurus are known for their high standards and prefer nothing less than perfection,’ says Lisa. ‘Their desire to be near beauty will lead them to destinations that expand their palate and embrace newness.’ 


Lisbon, Portugal. This city will ‘seduce Taurus with its beautiful architecture and lovely azulejos tiles’, days Lisa, who adds: ‘Its museums and culture will get their head buzzing with excitement and the pastel houses framed by rainbow sunsets will ignite this sign’s artistic side.’ 

Naples, Italy. This European city, Lisa says ‘can keep up with the bull’s stamina by offering a variety of activities’. She continues: ‘This earth sign can rest at the Bay, head to a museum to check out baroque art, or visit the ancient ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum.’

Gemini – Sydney and Boston

Geminis should explore the ‘adventure-filled destination’ of Sydney, Australia, Lisa says

THE GEMINI CHARACTER: ‘Gemini sparkles with versatility and curiosity when traveling and is known to make every journey a social extravaganza,’ Lisa says. And 2024 has lots of adventure in store, with Lisa calling on them to ’embrace spontaneity and uncharted territories’.


Sydney, Australia. ‘This adventure-filled destination provides Gemini with a plethora of options to explore, like relaxing at the famous Bondi Beach or walking the Sydney Harbor Bridge for gorgeous, Instagrammable views of the city,’ Lisa says.

Boston, Massachusetts. Lisa says Geminis will ‘easily find something new to explore to satisfy their curious tendencies’ in this major city, which boasts ‘green spaces, galleries, museums and a bustling restaurant and bar scene’.

Cancer – Curaçao and Barcelona 

A top travel destination for Cancer is the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao (above)

THE CANCER CHARACTER: ‘Sentiment and emotions are at the forefront of the travel plans of Cancerians, [who] often seek comfort and emotional connection,’ the astrologer says. 

When should they travel? According to Lisa, Cancer’s should plan their trip ‘as Mars enters Cancer on September 4, which inspires new beginnings and a need to explore’. 


Curaçao. Lisa says that the ‘rich culture’ of this Dutch island gem ‘tugs at Cancer’s heartstrings’, making it ‘a place where they can feel safe to let their emotions blossom and release’.

Barcelona, Spain. The cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia region, Lisa says is ‘an ideal vacation spot for Cancer’. With ‘relaxing views and unique sites to explore’, the water sign will have the best of both worlds.

Leo – Sao Paulo and New York

New York City will ‘make Leo feel like the life of the party’ according to the astrologer. Above is bustling Times Square

THE LEO CHARACTER: ‘Leo shines with splendor, beauty and grandeur and should opt for a destination that matches their vibrant and glamorous personality,’ according to the astrologer.  

She says: ‘Late summer or early fall is a good time for Leo to travel as Pluto forces Leo to open up in early September to take a chance with travel and relationships.’


New York City. This is a great location for Leos to ‘strut their stuff’, Lisa says. She adds: ‘Whether they want to experience energizing nightlife or take a stroll in the outer borough of Brooklyn, New York offers Leo a variety of places where they can shine.’

Sao Paulo, Brazil. ‘This urban metropolis is one of the most populous cities in the world and is filled with nightclubs, restaurants and shopping. It will make Leo feel like the life of the party,’ Lisa says.  

Virgo – Tulum and Miami

Tulum is the perfect blend of ‘culture and beauty’, Lisa says. Pictured is The Temple of the Wind among the Mayan Ruins of Tulum

THE VIRGO CHARACTER: The astrologer says: ‘Virgo likes to choose destinations based on a blend of culture and beauty.’ She says the sign should visit ‘historically significant places that offer architectural wonders’, while ‘wellness retreats and serene landscapes lend themselves to Virgo’s need for tranquility’. 


Tulum, Mexico. Lisa says: ‘Virgo will appreciate the beauty and history of Tulum’s ancient ruins and giant pyramids, while embracing the local cuisine.’

Miami, Florida. Known for its ‘beautiful beaches, a flourishing art scene and food influencers from all over Latin America’, Lisa says this is a top spot for Virgos.

Libra – Paris and London

Paris (pictured) is the perfect location for Libra to enjoy ‘splendor, culture and history’ 

THE LIBRA CHARACTER: This Venusian sign has a ‘love of all things beautiful’, which will lead it to explore ‘new locations known for splendor, culture and history’, according to Lisa.


Paris, France. ‘Libra can enjoy luxurious escargots at the finest dining spots along the Seine or see the fine art at museums such as the Louvre and The Rodin or plan to attend the 2024 Paris Olympics,’ Lisa says.

London, England. Lisa claims the city ‘offers Libra a vibrant metropolis with cuisines from all over the world and a deep history for Libra to dive in and explore’.

Scorpio – San Juan and Auckland

San Juan in Puerto Rico (above) is filled with ‘hidden gems’ for Scorpios to enjoy

THE SCORPIO CHARACTER: This sign ‘enjoys going to off-the-beaten-path destinations and uncovering hidden gems’. Lisa says they crave ‘authentic experiences where locals can show them the way’.


San Juan, Puerto Rico. ‘This tropical locale has many hidden gems. Scorpio can learn about the origin of the Piña Colada at the Barrachina Restaurant or visit Puerto Rico’s many beaches, all boasting beauty and relaxation,’ Lisa says.

Auckland, New Zealand. This city ‘offers a great mix of food, wine, music, art and culture’, according to Lisa. She suggests Scorpios explore Eden Garden, Chancery Square, and O’Neill Bay. 

Sagittarius – Lima and Bogota

The cuisine and beautiful views of Lima, Peru, will satisfy this adventurous star sign, Lisa claims

THE SAGITTARIUS CHARACTER: Noting Sagittarians as the travellers of the zodiac, Lisa says ‘they cherish exploring new and exciting places where they can learn about different cultures and customs and try exotic foods’.


Lima, Peru. ‘The city’s catacombs in San Francisco Church, cuisine and beautiful views satisfy Sagittarius’s needs for a well-rounded adventure,’ the astrologer notes.

Bogota, Colombia. Lisa says: ‘From wandering Plaza Bolivar to seeing the art at Botero Museum, Sagittarians will be able to easily immerse themselves in Bogota’s culture.’

Capricorn – Munich and Shannon

Capricorns should soak up the history and culture in Munich, Germany, Lisa says

THE CAPRICORN CHARACTER: This sign looks for a ‘combination of value and luxury when travelling’, and appreciates both history and culture. Lisa says March 2024 will open doors to take a vacation and will ‘bring major financial stability’ for the sign.


Munich, Germany. Capricorns can appreciate Munich’s historical sites, ‘like the Kunstareal museum district, which has eight different museums’.

Shannon, Ireland. Lisa says this city is ‘filled with historical sites and excellent views that pique Capricorn’s love of history and tradition’. Where should they visit? Lisa says: ‘The Cliffs of Moher offer stunning sites, such as Bunratty Castle, which can be followed up with a pint at Durty Nelly’s, a 400-year-old pub.’

Aquarius – Rio De Janeiro and Austin

One 2024 destination Lisa suggests for Aquarians is Rio De Janeiro in Brazil (above)

THE AQUARIUS CHARACTER: Lisa says this sign loves things that are ‘off-beat, educational and as nature lovers, they enjoy visiting the great outdoors’. She says: ‘Late spring is a great time for Aquarius to travel as Jupiter will move through Aquarius in 2024 bringing a lot of luck and accommodation.’


Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Home to one of the biggest carnivals in the world, Lisa says: ‘Aquarians can have a lively getaway and celebrate the festival with visitors and locals, or stroll along the seaside, taking in sweet sounds of Bossa Nova and Samba.’

Austin, Texas. Austin can offer Aquarians ‘some of the best barbeque around’ and the ‘chance to learn and explore at the Texas Science & Natural History Museum’.

Pisces – Honolulu and Santa Barbara 

The dreamy and romantic sign should relax on the white beaches of Honolulu (pictured), according to the astrologer

THE PISCES CHARACTER: Lisa says: ‘Pisces tend to be drawn towards picturesque locations that appeal to their creative side. They have a romantic nature and enjoy exploring places that seem to have come straight out of a movie.’ The astrologer notes that summertime offers them a chance to ‘travel to a dream destination’.


Honolulu, Hawaii. ‘This destination offers beaches, culture and some of the most beautiful flowers in the world,’ Lisa says. They can ‘relax on white beaches’ or soak up the art at Honolulu’s Museum of Art. 

Santa Barbara, California. Pisces can trek to Inspiration Point to ‘clear their mind’ and soak up the city’s stunning views. Lisa adds: ‘They can also enjoy fresh seafood at Stearn’s Wharf or take in the city’s Spanish-Moorish-inspired architecture.’

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