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Important Paris Travel Tips You Need To Know || Thrillist Travel Guide

On this episode of “Thrillist Travel Guide,” host Wil Fulton (who has been to France many times, and has embarrassed himself in France many times) details how to NOT look like a dumb American while visiting France. From restaurant etiquette, to speaking French, to where and why you should actually tip your server, this is your primer on making a good first impression in the City of Lights and… the rest of the country, too.

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In this series, we not only tell you the best places to visit, we tell you when to visit. We tell you where to go, once you get there. And, perhaps most importantly, we tell you how to elevate your travel, overall. Like, how to avoid long lines at the airport… or, the best methods to pooping on an airplane. Think of us as your favorite travel buddy. A single, travel-sized serving of the best travel advice of your life. Wheels up, people. We’re going in.


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Wil Fulton

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Wil Fulton

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