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Inside Britain’s monolith mystery: As a FIFTH bizarre structure shaped like a massive Toblerone appears on a Welsh hill here’s where else the alien objects have appeared in the UK

A fifth steel monolith shaped like a giant Toblerone was spotted on a Welsh hill last weekend, in the latest of a series of bizarre sightings.

The sighting follows a number of similar reports across the UK and the US. But where exactly have previous monolith sightings taken place? When did they occur and could there be a deeper meaning behind them? 

Read on below for everything you need to know about monolith sightings to have happened in recent years. 

Hay-on-Wye, Wales

Locals in Hay-on-Wye spotted the ten-foot-tall block of steel, resembling the distinctive shape of the chocolate bar, on Hay Bluff near the Powys town at the weekend.

The latest monolith sighting was captured in a photograph by Richard Haynes, who took the pictures while running on Hay Bluff. 

A steel monolith shaped like a giant Toblerone bar was spotted near Hay-on-Wye in Wales over the weekend

The ten-foot steel block resembling the shape of the famous chocolate bar was seen on Hay Bluff

While some speculated that the structure could be the work of aliens or a sign of life on Mars, others said it was an elaborate piece of artwork

Speaking to WalesOnline, Mr Haynes said: ‘I went off towards Hay Bluff towards where the trig point is and I looked over to my right. I thought it looked a bit bizarre and might be a scientific media research thing collecting rainwater.

‘But then realised it was way too tall and strange for that. Then I went up to it and it was about 10-foot-tall at least and triangular, definitely stainless steel.

‘It was hollow and I imagine pretty light. Light enough for two people to carry it up and plant it in the ground.’

Strangely, Mr Haynes said he frequently ran the route and had never seen the monolith before, while a friend who visited the spot two weeks also said that he did not see the structure at the time.

‘I did notice on Google that it’s popped up fairly recently and from what I can gather it disappears after a couple of days,’ he added.

St Buryan, Cornwall

On December 12 2020, local resident Luke Brown stumbled across another imposing monolith in Cornwall and captured a video of the metallic object

On December 12 2020, local resident Luke Brown stumbled across another imposing monolith in Cornwall and captured a video of the metallic object.

He said: ‘I was left in shock and awe earlier at finding a monolith at the centre of the Merry Maidens stone circle near sunset, the one time I left my camera at home.

‘It was a thing of beauty but I can’t help thinking of the damage that may have been done at this beautiful protected natural heritage site.’

The Merry Maidens also known as Dawn’s Men – a likely corruption of the Cornish Dans Maen Stone Dance – is a late neolithic stone circle.

The circle, which is thought to be complete, comprises nineteen granite megaliths and is situated in a field alongside the B3315 between Newlyn and Land’s End.

Dartmoor, Devon

Dartmoor National Park swiftly removed the monolith after a picture of it was posted by photographer Sarah Clarke, with the body saying that the moorland is protected

Just one day prior to the monolith being captured in Cornwall, one was also spotted measuring 2.5metres in height in Dartmoor National Park, Devon. 

The structure was spotted on Dartmoor by photographer Sarah Clarke, who captured a shot of the monolith, before posting to X, formerly Twitter.

She reassured her followers that the image was not made using photoshop software, stating: ‘So, a very exciting morning – it’s a real thing!

‘Anyone who knows me, knows I just can’t do Photoshop so, take it from me.’

Mark Bullock, who went to look at the pillar on Wednesday, said its vantage point on the hill made it appear like ‘something was wrong with the sky’.

He added: ‘It was a bit surreal.’

Dartmoor National Park swiftly removed the monolith after Ms Clarke’s post, saying that the moorland is protected.

A spokesperson said: ‘We know people may think these types of things are an interesting talking point, but it must be remembered that Dartmoor is a protected landscape for its importance for wildlife, nature and archaeology.’

Glastonbury Tor, Somerset 

Only 48 hours prior to the sighting of a monolith in Dartmoor National Park, another similar structure was seen on top of a hill in Glastonbury with ‘Not Banksy’ etched on it

Only 48 hours previously, another similar structure was seen on top of a hill in Glastonbury with ‘Not Banksy’ etched on it.

Walkers discovered the large silver structure top of Glastonbury Tor – an ancient hill linked to King Arthur and Celtic mythology.

It is believed the monolith was placed there overnight before it was felled by a gust of wind.

The shiny triangular pillar features a stencil drawing of a rat, similar to the style used by street artist Banksy.

Michelle Cowbourne spotted the metal structure at the National Trust site while on her regular morning walk. 

‘I walked up the long slope side and this was on the other side and when I saw it I couldn’t believe my eyes,’ she said. ‘I just thought what on earth is that.

‘There were two big metal bolts but they hadn’t been fixed to the ground properly.

‘It’s a big chunk of metal and it was really heavy,’ Ms Cowbourne added.

Compton Bay, Isle of Wight

On December 6 2020, another monolith was found by beachgoers at Compton Bay on the Isle of Wight

On December 6 2020, another monolith was found by beachgoers at Compton Bay on the Isle of Wight. 

A number of photos from various different angles suggested that  the monolith was buried in the sand and offers out a perfect reflection. 

How the object ended up on the beach was unclear, as it is only accessible via a footpath.

Locals were quick to question whether images of the monolith posted on social media had been ‘photoshopped’ or if it was ‘just a late April Fool’s joke’.

But photographer Alice Williams insisted it was real, sharing snaps of the eight-foot-tall structure at sunset in a local Facebook group.

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