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Lightweight Carry-On Travel Tips

My travel tips will help your carry-on suitcase be lightweight. We will pack lightweight travel essentials to reduce the weight of your bags. #traveltips #packing #packingtips #lightweight #packinglight #packlite

These travel tip videos may help you:

My lightweight essentials:
Striped backpack:
Luggage weigh scale:
Mesh pouches:
Tiny backpack:
Lightweight carry-on:
7 pound:
19″ carry-on:
15″ carry-on:
Hard makeup box:
Roll-up cord case:
Mesh cord case:
4-in-1 cord:
Water resistant sneakers:
Blue shoe:
Gray Skechers:
Green shoe:
Black boot:
Hike shoes:
My travel shirts:
Black jeans:
Raspberry shirt:
Cashmere sweaters:
Waist belt:
Gray backpack:
Bag Tracker:
Liquid container:

00:00 Tips for Lightweight Carry-On Bag
00:25 Packing Tips Reduce Weight
01:31 Carry-On Suitcase Weight
02:37 Hardshell Cases
4:14 Pack Less Weight
06:03 Pack Light
09:36 Pack Lightweight Liquids

YouTube Equipment:
Nikon Camera:
Portable Tripod:
Ring Light: (I use 2)
Portable Light:
Office chair:
Camera travel case:

POP over and say hi:
Instagram: @TravelTipsByLaurie (My former channel name was LauriePOP Ideas That POP, but now I produce travel tip videos only)

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