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Nobody tells you 50 Travel Tips for Japan First Traveler | 2023 Guide for Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka

When you travel in Japan, you might be confused in some cases how to behave. For example, you don’t need to pay tips at restaurants or hotels because Japan does’t have tipping culture. Another example is when you step a escalator, standing on the left side is unspoken rule in Tokyo. However, when you travel in Osaka and Kyoto, you will see completely opposite (people are standing on the right side). Watch this video before coming to Japan and master Japanese culture and customs.

0:00 Opening
0:29 Preparation for First Japan Travel
2:13 Traffic & Access in Japan
4:38 Suica and Pasmo for Travelers are No Longer Available due to its lack of semiconductors in Japan. Instead, it’s a good option to use “Welcome Suica” when you travel to Tokyo, Kyoto, or Osaka. Get one at JR EAST Travel Service Center or Midori no Madoguchi. Make sure you cannot get one in Osaka or Kyoto! Get one at a measure area such as Narita airport, Tokyo sta, Shinjuku sta, around Tokyo first

6:27 FYI: There is also Uber service in Japan, but there is NO Uber service just like in the US. In other words, there is no private car in Japan. Technically speaking, if you want to be an Uber driver in Japan, you need to get permission from MLIT. Therefore, most of the drivers belong to a company.That’s why, Uber service is a little different from the US!

6:39 Lifestyle in Japan
11:59 Error) Morening → Morning

12:48 Food in Japan
16:46 Cultural Mannar in Japan
20:59 Cultural Experience in Japan
23:36 When Emergency in Japan

Narita Express

Welcome Suica

Japan Rail Pass

Shinkansen Smart EX

Kyoto Osaka Sightseeing Pass

Navitime Japan (App)

Club JT (App)


Ippudo (Japanese only)

Tatoo Go

Tokyo Metro 24 hours ticket

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