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Norway Travel Tips – how we did 2 weeks travelling Norway CHEAP!

In this video we cover of all our Norway Travel Tips. Specifically how we did 2 weeks travelling Norway in a car seeing as much of the landscape as possible and as cheap as possible. These travel tips are from out time in Norway during September 2018. We cover plenty of topics and specific times in the video are:

0:23 – Our top 3 location tips (landscape photography focused)
1:43 – 3 pros of travelling Norway in September
2:07 – 3 cons of travelling Norway in September
3:18 – 5 must haves for travel in Norway
4:18 – Our Norway travel costs
6:10 – Our car setup for travel and sleeping in Norway
7:50 – Where we slept travel norway tips
9:02 – How to save money travel through Norway tips
10:37 – What we ate in norway, vegan travel tips in Norway
11:34 – 3 things we would do the same travel advice in Norway
12:26 – 3 things we would do different next time we travel Norway
13:53 – Things we didn’t need to travel Norway cheap

The whole trip is based around landscape photography and the northern lights (that time of year) and was such a fun trip to have with my wife Haylie travelling through Norway.

If you guys want to see more adventure style images from our trip in Norway, check out our Instagram page:

I hope you guys enjoy the series and have a laugh with me along the way.

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